The Class V Advantage

Our first-hand IPO experience is unmatched. We have been where you are, where the bankers are and perhaps most importantly, where the institutional investors are.  We've built forecasts and run sales organizations. We understand the challenges management faces during the process, the protocols bankers follow, and the ways investors evaluate new issues. With only senior partners on the team, that experience is beside you, in the room, at every turn.  
Just ask our clients - they'll tell you about the Class V Advantage.
A Customized Approach

Class V works with a very small number of select companies contemplating public offerings.  We prefer to engage with clients as much as a year prior to a potential offering, using the time to gain a deep understanding of management’s and the Board’s goals, motivations and operating style.  This background allows us to design processes sure to surface the right partners, structure and expectations for the transaction.  


And rest assured, it's all about you - we won't use your logo to promote our business

Experience-based, original insight

We don't believe that all IPOs are alike and we know there are many ways to approach each of the steps in the process.  Client's will never hear "that's the way it's always done" or "because that's how XYZ company did it" from us. Been there, done that and we know better.   We strive to help each client through the transaction according to it's own goals and style. And because we aren't beholden to any outside referral source, we actually mean what we say.  Runs of historical data can be mildly interesting when structuring economics, but we make sure our entrepreneurial clients know that history can, but does not need to set the guardrails.  Together with management, we will work to design and execute the most effective approach for each unique client.


IPO process and logistics Expertise

From front-line experience, we know how to help you optimize the structure, style and substance of your IPO process and messaging. Getting the details right has a lasting impact on the IPO price, your stock's aftermarket performance and your on-going relationship with Wall Street. We offer start-to-finish assistance with all the nuances.​  We'll be sure you are fully prepared for whatever comes your way on the the roadshow. A smooth and thoughtful process from day one, designed from first-hand knowledge from all the relevant vantage points, correlates directly to a timely process, a higher IPO price and a more sustainable aftermarket. 

Total Independence

We work well with all the investment banks; the very largest down to the most specialized, but we are beholden to none. Our role is to help design and construct the very strongest syndicate for every client; there is no one-size fits all solution to solving that individualized equation. Sometimes banks aren't happy when we work to rein in outlandish fee requests, but we'll take on those slings and arrows to insure our clients optimize their syndicates both for the IPO and for thier ongoing relationship with Wall Street and investors. 

Superior Investor Communications

In addition to working closely with the CEO and CFO on the logistics of the transaction, Class V will leverage our first-hand experience, observations and connections from more than 20 years of direct involvement with over 1,000 IPOs to help clients develop and effectively deliver an on-target message to potential investors for the IPO and for happily ever after.  

Quality, not Quantity

From the start, we made the strategic decision to keep our team senior and small.  Let others collect logos; we strive for the consistent accolades that accompany focused, consistent performance.   We concentrate on a small, select group of clients who receive our full attention on the entire breadth of services throughout the IPO process. We meticulously prepare clients as we work together to plan strategies and tactics for structuring the syndicate, sculptling the S-1, optimizing the shareholder base for day one and much more importantly, straight through to day 1001.  And if advice might come in handy years after the IPO, we will still be there for our clients.