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IPO and Capital Markets Advisory Services

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We are a focused firm offering deep IPO process/public market transition assistance from preliminary preparations, sometimes years ahead, to the design and implementation of the steady state investor relations function. Whether with infrastructure preparation, model building, story refinement, or the nuts and bolts of the actual day-to-day IPO process, from syndicate selection through allocation strategies, our senior partners are there to advise and assist every step of the way.

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From the most straightforward, traditional IPOs through the most innovative auctions, or any structure in between, we have assisted in all public equity raise formats. We use our deep knowledge of the nuances, pros, and cons of each, to insure every client is fully informed on the options before deciding on the optimal structure for their company.  First, we listen to our clients, then we work together to optimize the design of the offering to best meet each one’s specific goals.

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For 15 years we have been delivering expert assistance to a long list of high-profile, often repeat clients looking for assistance preparing for and negotiating through the transition to the public markets. We are delighted to offer contact with any of them when it's time for reference checks. However, we won't market our business off of their brands or offer CEO/CFO time casually, so rather than splash their logos here, just ask and we will offer a fulsome list.

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About Us

Class V Group stands apart. We use our unmatched frontline experience across the spectrum of IPO disciplines to ensure founders and management teams achieve their fundraising goals, their way. Ours is an intentionally limited, not volume-driven, advisory service enabling us to provide senior partner attention to every client throughout the transaction, from early IPO prep through an optimized entree into the public markets and beyond. Our clients have ranged from those that chose to sell only secondary shares, raising no primary capital, to those raising tens of millions of dollars straight up to those successfully executing multiple billion-dollar raises. 

Meet the Team

Lise Buyer Class V Group

Photograph by Von Wong

Founder and Partner

Lise Buyer

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Seeing a great need to help management teams better understand the nuances and details of the IPO process, Lise founded the Class V Group to leverage her uniquely informed perspective on the equity markets, gained from having first-hand experience as an institutional investor, investment banker, venture capitalist, board member, and internal IPO Coordinator/Project Manager.​ It is this first-hand experience from each seat around the table that differentiates Class V Group and powers our success.

Leslie Pfrang Class V Group


Leslie Pfrang

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Helping our companies be ready to shine on the public stage is Leslie’s passion. She puts her experience in public accounting, corporate law, banking, and capital markets to work across each client’s organization, diving into the trenches with their teams, and leading planning and execution. Her experience leading the positioning and sale of IPOs to public investors provides unparalleled insights into the differences between a standard IPO and a knock-it-out-of-the-park IPO.

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