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The Class V Group Client Commitment

At Class V Group, our cross-discipline, front-line experience sets us far apart from the field and gives our clients an unmatched advantage. Your company isn’t like any other and neither are the goals for your IPO.  Why should your public debut reflect someone else’s playbook? While big firms offer a cookie cutter approach, we offer a customized path to achieve your company's goals by keeping you in control of the process from early IPO prep through the bell-ringing ceremony and beyond. Many will tell you “It’s your IPO”. Relying on our first-hand experience as investors, bankers, analysts, board members and IPO project managers, we make that promise a reality.

The Class V Group Advantage

Our senior partners work alongside management, empowering your team with knowledge of the nuances of the IPO process, from hiring the right bankers, to crafting the S-1, to meeting the right investors at the right time with the right story. We meticulously prepare management to be more than ready for public scrutiny of the model, the strategy the vision and the road ahead. 

For Class V, it’s all about optimizing for our clients' priorities. Make no mistake, this isn’t just about the IPO. This is about building the right foundation for the months and years to follow. Nailing the details right from start matters for management, for employees and for long-term shareholders. 

News & Publications


We are honored to have been part of some of the decades' most successful IPOs, but you won't see us using clients' hard-earned success to market our own business - at least not until it's time for reference checks. Instead, we highlight our written publications, articles and other information we think might be helpful.  We've been at this for a while and in all kinds of markets. We are experts at separating IPO wheat from hype-ridden chaff. 

When the media needs a reliable, straightforward opinion on current markets, conditions, regulation or other matters relating to IPOs, Class V gets the call. The Financial Times, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Bloomberg, Fortune, PEHub, Strictly VC, Term Sheet, the list goes on.

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We are the only firm dedicated solely to the IPO market and the long term success of new issuers.



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