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Our first-hand IPO experience is unmatched. We've built forecasts and run sales organizations. We understand the challenges management faces during the process, the protocols bankers follow, and the ways investors evaluate new issues. With only senior partners on the team, that experience is beside you, in the room, at every turn.  

What It Takes To Be Public Company Ready

Each client brings different experience and skills to the transaction and therefore, we tailor our assistance to where our companies will find it most helpful. On a customized basis, we work with clients on the following elements of an IPO::

  • Cross-departmental public company readiness work plan

  • Timeline from start to finish

  • Experienced, hands-on support for all departments part of the IPO team

  • Positioning with public investors 

  • Investor presentation development

  • Public investor targeting and expertise

  • Banker selection and syndicate structure

  • Research analyst introductions and evaluation

  • Organizational meeting development and support

  • Due diligence support

  • S-1 preparation - 

               Business Section/ MD&A/ Risk Factors

  • Robust RFP process logistics sound light

  • Research Analyst education and consensus model-building process

  • Transaction structure

  • Model testing and diligence

  • Exchange (and all other third-party vendors) interactions and selection

  • Help build and support a world-class investor relations function

  • Roadshow preparation and rehearsals

  • Data-driven allocation strategies 

  • IPO day logistics

  • Establish world-class investor relations process and ongoing strategic IR support

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